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A Great Time to Be Different

Posted on 11th Nov 2019

The Carols were playing; gift wrap was everywhere; and kids got to go to sleep as late as they all wanted to. It's one of the best things that any adult could ask for. Sure, we'll never have enough money to do what we want to do, but all in all being with the ones that you care the most about is something to marvel.


Growing up I have received big gifts, little gifts, and all of the sizes in between. The strange thing about it was that I could never remember those gifts, but I could remember who was there. Just being there was what it was always about for me. To tell you the truth I could have cared less about receiving any gifts at all. It was nice to get some things, but it was just STUFF. Stuff that would be temporary. Looking back there are clothes that I have outgrown, toys I have broken, and jewelry that I've lost along the way.


It's amazing how I can remember the people that were around me during those times. I can remember the trips home from college and the weirdos that I saw on the Greyhound Bus along the way. I remember the kids that were once close to me that gave me rides to the stations. All of those things meant something to me that could never erase my mind. They were concrete memories. I can also remember the times that were not so good around the holidays. I still remember that feeling of not being around anyone when my finances were too tight to travel. But, those are the times that made me that much stronger. It made me battle tested! I was now a veteran of the life process. The hard times were necessary and there was nothing that was going to change that. They had to come. They needed to come. And I'm glad they came. There wasn't nothing more gratifying for me moving forward for better; or for worse. It was movement. The process of maturity that helped me develop. And I remember those people that gave me a couple dollars here and there along the way. Sometimes, it was just having someone help me get a load of laundry done.


Those were the true gifts to me. They were shorts visitors into my life that have had long lasting impact upon me. Sure you may not have had the holiday season you were dreaming about. It may have not been spent with the person you have envisioned. But, why not be the person that everyone wished they could be with? You be the gift. That's what Accurate Step is all about. We love being the ones that would love to be a gift to you. We are personable, dependable, and reliable to give you the honest truth with all of our interactions. I dare you to be the gift. Be the gift. And I believe that you will find yourself wanting to do it over. And over. And over again. Celebrate the holiday, but make sure celebration doesn't become a habit. Train yourself to be a gift to those that may come in contact with you.