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Posted on 2nd Nov 2019

It's October and you know what that means...yes the MLB World Series! It's the time of year where the weather gets a little bit colder and the two teams that have been training since March have survived long enough to see the fruits of their labor.


I have seen some amazing hitters in the playoff run, but even better pitchers. You need pitchers in the post season. It's the key to any successful postseason. I don't follow it nearly as much as I do basketball or football. But, there was something that I could see from every successful pitcher....they were all versatile. In other words, they were not just one trick ponies. As anyone that we would deem successful there was something about their ethic that made them different. Think about it. When Jordan developed his 3 point shot near the end of his career; he was unstoppable. Before then, he was just known as the driver to the hole with some sort of fancy dunk. Then came the post moves...the jumpers... then the three!


Then we had Randall Cunningham. Arguably the greatest athlete to ever play quarterback. He was known as a running quarterback...then, he threw a 100 yard pass in Giant Stadium! As if he couldn't surprise me anymore...he punts the ball over three quarters of the field! He just had range.


When I think of Eddie Murphy he started out in one genre..comedy. But, he worked so hard he began to play in dramas, then family movies. Not only did he act. But, he wrote and produced.


Could you imagine if they just stuck to only way to make a living? There is no way in the world. These guys knew that if they didn't add something to the mix; they would be short lived. Neither should you let that happen to you!


Life can be monotonous. We wake up. Go to work. Come home. Go to sleep. Repeat. Sounds pretty dull to me. So why not throw that change up? How about waking up earlier? Adding something to bucket list? Create a new goal? It doesn't have to be anything drastic. But, throw some change in there. Make everyday a FRIDAY. Living to just see the weekend is a horrible way to live. So get on with it! Sometimes I stay up late at night to pen novels. Yeah, I have an early morning, but I feel amped up after feeling so accomplished! So the morning drag doesn't affect me. I created something to get excited about. Accurate Step is designed to keep innovation going. We are constantly thinking of change ups and throwing strikes. So as the weekend approaches do something that you have never done before and show life your range!